1.The Things We Lost In The Fire - Bastille
2.Long Way Home Last Night - 5SOS & The Vamps
3.Girls - The 1975
4.Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless
5.Pop (N-Sync Cover) - UsTheDuo
6. Death Valley - Fall Out Boy
7.Tomorrow Never Dies - 5SOS
8.Young Volcanoes - Fall Out Boy
9.Lost Boy - 5SOS
10.Louder - Neon Jungle
11.Settle Down - The 1975
12.Congratulations - Sleeping With Sirens
13.Caraphernelia (Acoustic) - Pierce The Veil
14.Braveheart (Live) - Neon Jungle
15.Don't (Live) - Ed Sheeran

You are beautiful
You are wonderiful
You are amazing
You are worth it
You are loved
If You need to vent
If you're feeling suicidal
Self Help


Guarateed Giggles

My Life
Less then 2 weeks of summer left
Starting high school in fall
I'll be gone from Sept12th until Sept20th
If you're wondering, I'll be in Torronto
You should come talke to me
Leave me messages while I'm gone yo



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you guys should follow my instagram (jazzyunicornz) and like my photos bc i am thirsty



you know what guys? i’m so sick of this. i’m so sick of 5sos’ fame. i’m so sick of everything that’s been happening to them. i think everyone can realize by now that the guy in the snapchat video is calum but you have to fucking realize that with the lack of tattoos, calum was definitely not 18…

you guys should follow my instagram (jazzyunicornz) and like my photos bc i am thirsty







guys guys

knock knock

Who’s there?


Irish who?

irish i was, irish i was, beside you

Shut up Niall, you’re still not in the band



i cannot express how angry this video made me. srsly wtf they’re treating him like a piece of meat and acting as if betraying his trust and privacy is something to be celebrated and awarded for

okay, fucking listen here tmz. you’re violating someones privacy and that’s really disrespectful. you’re snooping around and picking through something that should not have gone public.

yes, calum should not have send that video but also the girl was not at all a good person for posting the video on the internet. we wish the video to be forgotten about or removed, but now everybody is going to pay attention to this stupid mistake he made.

although calum seems okay with all this, he probably doesn’t want even more people knowing about it. so heres an idea:

stop fucking thinking its okay to post about someone life making fun of their mistakes. if he chose to send it, get over it. don’t talk about the size of his penis, don’t assume why he did it, don’t laugh, don’t talk about it. ignore it and happy days.

take a seat back and go eat a happy meal. do something better with your lives.